Marine Heroes #3 - Dakota Meyer

Marine Heroes #3 - Dakota Meyer

Rank:  Sergeant

Hometown:  Greensburg, Kentucky


Outside of a small village in rural Afghanistan not too long before, a platoon of Marines and supporters had gone silent in an area known to be infested with insurgents.  At least three Marines were thought dead, as was a corpsman serving as medic for the group.  Dakota Meyer ran a cloth over his brow, sweating in the hot Afghani September sun.  Modern Marine body armor was heavy and the task at hand nerve wracking even to an alert Marine sniper.  Dakota's team was a training team embedded in the region and working closely with local friendlies- but this was no training mission, it was go time.


Quickly drawing up a plan, Dakota rushed headlong through enemy fire.  A combination of providence and a lack of range time on the part of the insurgents kept him safe as he moved between cover and took the occasional well aimed shot at the tracer rounds thundering from the insurgent AK's.  The minutes seemed days as time slowed for Meyer, rushing ahead of his men, drawing fire, desperate to leave no Marine behind.


Eventually he reached the missing men, their bodies limp, stripped of weapons and all mortal posessions.  He let out a cry, frustrated, there was no way to save them but he could still do his duty.  He called in the friendly Afghans who were with him and together they fought back, sending expert rounds and supression fire at the enemy.  Like cowards, the insurgents ran for the hills and the area was secured.


The brave Marines who had given their lives were carefully brought to a safe location and extracted by the choppers.  During this time Dakota used his skilled sniper eyes to more completely search the area.  There were more insurgents.  He readied his rifle and with superior discipline and Marine grit sent dozens of insurgents running with their tails between their legs.  His men readied the machine gun on the gun truck and let loose devastating bursts of supression fire.


The enemy fired back, desperate.  The Marines didn't flinch through the hail of AK fire.  A stray round set a loud plink against a metal plate and spun off harmlessly into the soil.  One by one the insurgents started going down- and then they broke completely and ran.


He and his Marines personally secured the safety of a dozen wounded Marines and unpinned two dozen others that day.


For acting as a true and heroic Marine, Dakota earned a Medal of Honor.  He found out about his honor while working a construction job on the home front a few years later.


The next time you see a construction crew building that new high rise downtown, remember, one of them just might be a US Marine hero.



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